Heirloom Acre

Wildflower Honey | 4 oz

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  • 100% Wildflower Honey
  • 4 oz bottle with cork 
  • Made in  Pennsylvania

A family tradition established in 2010. They began by taking over an abandoned farm and the hives that occupied their beloved Telford farm. Their head beekeeper, Jon quickly went from caring for the first hive to adding dozens of hives over the next 8 years. The hives reside at mostly local farms throughout the area. Over the years, they have sold at local farmers markets, restaurants and many local specialty shops. They have a passion for local food, sustainable agriculture, saving their bees and their community getting to enjoy local raw honey with all the benefits that come with!

Heirloom Acre Honey is made up of a few individuals who are passionate about raw honey and bees.