Bring On Summer!

Let's Stay Light!

Summer sparkle (think light & dazzling jewelry), water repellent handbags by Jack Gomme, specialty linen clothing by CP Shades, Italian raffia handbags and THE foldable sandal!

Prêt Pour Partir Coats

Just in from Paris, these laminated linen coats are not only water repellant, they're chic and fold up perfectly for packing!

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John Derian

Derian's artistry adds the touch that makes any space extraordinary.

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Zilla Atelier Handbags

Moldable, foldable aluminum lined tote bags that are light as a feather! Handmade in Northern Italy by former architect and designer Silvia Pilcher.

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Cadeau specializes in fine jewelry, home décor, luxurious self-care, colorful accessories & clothing that are beautiful, unusual, and functional. We offer the experience of plenty without excess, and partner with mission-driven brands that are dedicated to ensuring sustainable practices and equitable working conditions.

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