Sara Petras

Cadeau Boutique and Gallery is the creation of Sara Petras, former manager and co-buyer for Portobello Road in Chestnut Hill, MA. Sara holds an MFA in Painting from MassArt and a love for early 20th century French painting.

With Cadeau, Sara merges her experience in the retail world with her background in the arts.

Cadeau offers a carefully curated selection of homewares, clothing, shoes, bags, and fine jewellery – objects that are beautiful, functional, and unusual. Sourced from across the globe, Cadeau emphasizes objects produced with in a mission driven environment, with exquisite craftsmanship, and toward a luxurious end result

The friendly knowledgeable staff is excited to welcome you and help you to find a gift as unique as you are. Ensuring that your gift whether intended for a loved one, or for yourself, is an expression of your true self.

With inspiration from the Poet Rumi

You have no idea how hard I've looked for a gift to bring You.

Nothing seemed right.

What's the point of bringing gold to the gold mine, or water to the ocean.

Everything I came up with was like taking spices to the Orient.

It's no good giving my heart and my soul because you already have these.

So I've brought you a mirror.Look at yourself and remember me.