Aromatherapy Shower Steam Tea Bags

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Allow the calm, quiet waters to overtake the stresses and impurities of the day with our new organic blend aromatherapy shower teas. Our luxurious shower teas capture the transcendent moment of tranquility in a serene place and time to both reconnect with self-care, wellness, and regain a sense of balance.
  • for shower steaming only - not for consumption
  • 4.5in glass jar with 6 shower tea bags
  • 100% Organic essential oils and fresh cut aromatic blooms. 
  • packaged in a biodegradable disposable natural tea bag
  • Directions: Simply hang one tea pod your shower wall and enjoy !
  • Made in MA

"As a survivor of sexual and domestic assault, I found myself in need of soothing wellness products and aesthetics, to help calm my mind, body, and soul. I figured, if anyone was going to be able to provide me with what I needed, in the way that I needed it, I was going to have to create it, and so I did. Each product is curated, handcrafted, and/or custom made to bring peace and tranquility where it once did not exist." -Shabranae Patton