Holiday Smalls

Featuring twelve of our favorite local artists, the Holidays Smalls Show if an opportunity for you to give the gift of art this season! Works are no larger than 14" on one side, and are priced between $200 - 500, you can buy off the wall! Or, purchase (and we'll ship for no additional cost! Email us at, or calling us at 617-505-6490 for more information.

  • Jennifer Moses

    Moses is a Boston-based artist with an MFA from Indiana University. She works in oil, ink, watercolor, pencil, and collage creating bold, abstract compositions. 

    These are paintings on panel and paper priced between $350-400

  • Elizabeth King Stanton

    Stanton is a Boston-based artist with an MFA degree in painting from RISD and BA degree in painting from BU. She works in watercolor, gouache, and acrylic creating soft, watery scenes of nature and daily life.

    These watercolor on paper works are framed, and $450 each

  • Susy Pilgrim Waters

    Pilgrim Waters is a Boston-based designer/maker dedicated to bringing art to daily life through functional heirloom quality products. She is the brand designer for Iggy’s Bread and Cafe Nero.  She works in this show are acrylic on wood. Waters earned her BA in Printed Textiles from Middlesex University in London.

    Paint on panel, these pears are $240 each

  • Kasey Kaufman

    Kaufman is based in Chestnut Hill. A self-taught artist, she strives for simplicity in in her work traversing between abstract and realism, still life and landscape. 

    These oil on canvas and panel works are priced between $250-600

  • Mona Miri

    Miri is a resident of the Fort Point artist community. For 15 years, she’s been dedicated to environmental practice and awareness through Fine Art Photography. Her work represents the change of the landscape, the built in environment, and environmental distress. Miri studied at the Art Institute Boston (AIB); and the Academy of Art in San Francisco.

    These framed photographs are $395 each

  • Dorothy Englander

    Englander is a Brookline-based artist with a BS in Art from Skidmore College and an MFA from the University at Albany. She works in oil, acrylic, watercolor, ink, collage, and wire assemblage. Dreams, memory, and invention inform her images allowing real and imagined forms to dwell together.

    These framed works are watercolor and ink on paper. Priced at $325 each

  • Julianne Martin

    Martin is a Newton-based artist who earned her BFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. She works in acrylic and glitter on wood interlacing the rhythms of the physical body, botanical symbolism of the earth, and the spiritual ties between them. 

    These paintings on panel are priced between $225 - 350

  • Helena Wurzel

    Wurzel is a Cambridge-based artist with a MFA from Boston University. She works in oil on canvas depicting quiet scenes from daily life in bold, brilliant color. 

    These works on panel and paper are priced between $240-350

  • David Curcio

    Curcio is a Watertown-based artist with an MFA in printmaking from the Pratt Institute and a BA in Art History from Boston University. He creates strong, unique, expressive works in gouache, ink, pencil, and embroidery on paper.

    These works on paper are a combination of drawing and embroidery, priced at $240 each

  • Amy Ross

    Ross is a Boston-based artist who attended the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University. She works in pencil, watercolor and collage creating mysterious works seemingly born in dreams.

    These collage and spray painted on panel works are prices between $275-350

  • John Guthrie

    Guthrie is the director and head curator of gallery VERY in Boston’s South End. He works in acrylic on paper creating strong, abstract forms and compositions. Guthrie earned his BFA in painting from MassART

    These acrylic drawings on paper are $200 each!

  • Jocelyn Chemel

    Chemel is a Boston-based artist who works with collage, transparent papers, printing and digital photography. She uses layering of materials to draw attention to the hidden, unspoken truths of life.

    These bead and acrylic on board works are framed in shadowboxes, and priced at $385 each