Pierre-Louis Mascia

Gaul Ocre | Silk Scarf | 53 x 77in

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Whisk yourself away to a magical silky wonderland in this decadent 100% silk scarf. With frayed edges and muted earth toned blues and greens, these colors come together to create a beautiful combination of patterns, simply elevating an every day outfit.    
  • 100% Silk
  • 53 x 77 inches
  • Gorgeous & soft, colorfully printed
  • Made in Italy

"Pierre-Louis Mascia is known to be unrivaled in the art of mixing, superimposing and combining prints: he does so with amazing freedom and a pronounced graphic sense...  Pierre-Louis Mascia uses collage to create intricate patterns of surprising visual clarity which he prints allover wearable items. He seamlessly merges the achingly sharp and the softly organic in the same cadre, relying on sudden about-turns, unexpected parallels and optical duplicity."