Ebb & Flow

Ebb and Flow Soy Candle | Fog & Seawood

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Inspired by San Francisco’s water fronts and the light scent of fog that infiltrates through the city. Layered & complex with hints of grapefruit, water lily, and seawood. 
  • Boxed with a paper band and a signature Ebb & Flow bouquet 
  • Candles come in a 12oz mouth-blown glass jar 
  • 65 hour burn time
  • Made with essential oils and luxury fragrance
  • Handmade in Brooklyn, NY
Ebb & Flow launched in 2011 because, according to its creators, there was nothing out there that looked or felt luxurious, cool, pretty, hand-made, good-for-you and affordable all at the same time. With a background in design, the packaging had to be sustainable + matte black (they're from NY, everything has to be black) with a pop of color. You want to be noticed, but in a classy way. No one, that we know of, adorns their home fragrance or bath products with hand-dyed flowers. Plus with two design awards, they had to keep it.